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Friends of Sonrise Stable

As a result of writing these books and maintaining the Christian Cowgirl website, I've met many good Christian horse people across the country. Here are a few.

Christian Cowgirl Website - devotions, articles, games, activities, and forum
Rebekah Holt - eQuest For Truth
Lynn Baber - Amazing Grays Ministries
Nationally recognized trainer, Terry Myers
Horsehair Jewelry by Susan Newquist, Red-Tail Designs
Steve Edwards - Queen Valley Mule Ranch
Paul Daily - Wild Horse Ministries
Rebecca Ondov - Horse Tales From Heaven
Lew Sterrett - Sermon on the Mount
Sissy Burggraf - Lost Acres Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation
John Lyons

Other Friends of Sonrise Stable

Rachel Starr Thomson - Editor. Thanks for your help with the Sonrise Stable books!

Thanks to Dean Moshier of The Blanced Hoof and Horse, our longime farrier. The farrier illustration in Book 3: Clothed With Thunder is of Dean trimming our mule, Sassy.