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Sonrise Stable Books

There’s something different at Sonrise Stable.

Yes, there are plenty of horses and horse-crazy girls--and a few too many cats!

The difference is the atmosphere.

Although set in modern times, the books have an old-fashioned feel. The main characters are homeschooled children who get along with their siblings, and respect their parents and other adults. They’re eager to learn about God and share their faith. While the children are respectful and obedient, they’re not perfect. There’s plenty of adventure, humor, and opportunities for lessons to be learned.

The Sonrise Stable series contains wholesome, heartwarming stories of an extended homeschooling family as they live, learn, and love together. Mixing adventure, life lessons, and realistic horse experiences, the series is a must for readers who enjoy family values, Christian faith, and, of course, horses!

History on Horseback Volume 1 Now Available!

Check out my article (with video) and/or the History on Horseback website.

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My goal is not only to teach children about horses, but also to help them draw closer to God. Although the target audience is children eight to thirteen, many adult women have enjoyed the books as well.

Purchase them all in one pack or as monthly shipments.

What's New at Sonrise Stable

history on horseback book

History on Horseback Volume 1

They're here! Finally. Available on the History on Horseback website. And on the Sonrise Stable store page In addition to taking longer to write and research than I anticipated, I tried a new


5 best horse picture books for children

5 Best Horse Picture Books

Even as an adult, I love picture books, especially horse picture books! The problem is there just doesn’t seem to be very many out there. And as a horse person, I have pretty high standards as to


Horse Book Club for Kids

Do your kids look forward to receiving things in the mail? If so, check out the Sonrise Stable Book Club. The book club provides a way to make a gift of the Sonrise Stable series last


The Sonrise Stable Series

Sonrise Stable #1 Rosie and Scamper

Rosie and Scamper

Meet Rosie and her family in this first book in the Sonrise Stable series.


Sonrise Stable #2 Carrie and Bandit

Carrie and Bandit

Carrie and her new horse, Bandit, are the focus of this second book.


Sonrise Stable #3 Clothed With Thunder

Clothed With Thunder

Rosie and Carrie defend creation versus evolution at their 4-H club.


Tender Mercies

The girls spend a week volunteering at a nurse mare foal rescue.


Sonrise Stable #5 Outward Appearances

Outward Appearances

Can you judge a horse or a person correctly merely by their outward appearance?


Sonrise Stable #6 Follow Our Leader

Follow Our Leader

Join Rosie and Carrie as they help with the first Sonrise Stable summer camp!


Sonrise Stable #7 Rejoice With Me

Rejoice With Me

Rosie is determined to beat the arrogant new boarder and her flashy Arabian in the state 4-H trail ride.


Sonrise Stable #8 Operation Christmas Spirit

Operation Christmas Spirit

The kids' plans for Operation Christmas Spirit lead Rosie to her most meaningful Christmas ever.


Sonrise Stable Book #9 With All You Are

With All You Are

A Saddlebred horse mystery, a kind Amish family, and rodeo bull riding help Rosie learn the meaning of the greatest commandment.


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