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There’s something different at Sonrise Stable.

Yes, there are plenty of horses and horse-crazy girls—and a few too many cats!

The difference is the atmosphere! Wholesome and horsey, the Sonrise Stable series is unique among modern children’s fiction.

Although set in modern times, the books have an old-fashioned feel. The main characters are homeschooled children who get along with their siblings, and respect their parents and other adults. They’re eager to learn about God and share their faith.

While the children are respectful and obedient, they’re not perfect. There’s plenty of adventure, humor, and opportunities for lessons to be learned. 

The Sonrise Stable series combines my love of God and horses in stories designed to help the reader learn more about both.

history on horseback history curriculum

I HATED history when I attended school. BORING!

I hope History on Horseback does the opposite for horse-loving students today. Rather than boring kids to tears, I hope the HOH book and Activity Guide inspire them to do their own “history prospecting,” digging into the past to find some sparkly, gold nuggets of historical information.

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Video course on the classic novel, Misty of Chincoteague, by Marguerite Henry. Includes self-checking online and print quizzes.

Check out the full-color horse devotional, Following the Narrow Path. I poured my heart into this book. :)

Fiction Writing Video Course - learn to write fiction on any topic, includes Christian writing concepts.

Video course on the classic novel, Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell! Includes book audio and self-checking computer quizzes.

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The Sonrise Stable Bookstore

In addition to my own Sonrise Stable series, I'm always on the lookout for quality horse books for kids. Check out the categories below. In addition to a select few fiction horse books, there are books on horse care, information, drawing horses, horse coloring and sticker books, and more. With the Gift Packs, receive an assortment of horse books all in one pack, perfect for birthdays or holidays!

From the Author

Horses, homeschoolers, and God - some of my favorite things, not necessarily in that order of course!

I was fanatically crazy about horses from a very young age. My love for God came later. I can't explain the fascination I had for horses from as far back as I can remember. I think God planted it in me.

I longed for a horse so badly it was almost a physical pain. I read every horse book in our small town's library. The horse books were grouped together, and I made a beeline for that shelf on each visit. I remember dreams in which I had my own horse - and the disappointment of waking up to find it had been only a dream.

In God's timing, I was able to have horses of my own. They have brought me much pleasure, and God has used them to teach me things that extend far beyond the world of horses. 

My goal in the Sonrise Stable series is not only to teach children about horses, but also to help them draw closer to God. Although the target audience is children eight to thirteen, many adult women have enjoyed the books as well.

-Vicki Watson

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