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Sonrise Stable Horse Articles

Sonrise Stable horse series book 10 Love Your Neighbor

Book 10 Love Your Neighbor Now Available!

The final book in the Sonrise Stable series is complete! Rosie finds it difficult to obey the command Jesus called the 2nd greatest. Love your neighbor as yourself.

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toby spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning 2020

Toby was due for some spring cleaning. He got a haircut (bridle path), detangling session, manicure, and a start on removing his shaggy winter coat!

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Sonrise Stable Horse Books volume 10

Book 10 Nearing Completion

I wanted the final book to be the best of the series. A natural followup to book 9, the theme is the 2nd greatest commandment - to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

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mustang 100 days training

Mustang Training

Remember Hannah and Dusty from Outward Appearances? The real -ife Hannah is training a BLM Mustang to compete in the Mustang Challenge at Equine Affaire.

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in my distress I called upon the Lord

In My Distress

In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried unto my God.

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horse scripture pic Luke 6:31

As Ye Would Have Men Do to You

As Ye Would Have Men Do to You

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goat riding pony

Kid Riding Pony

Human kids aren't the only ones who enjoy riding ponies. :)

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pony trying out doggy door

Pony Door

Oops, sorry Mom!

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pony sale ad great with kids

Pony For Sale Ad

Although this is obviously an attempt at humor, unfortunately there's too much truth in this photo.

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cute little cowboys

Cute Little Cowboys

Two little cowboys cute beyond words!

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donkey greetings

Donkey Greeting

Trio of donkeys offering a greeting.

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unstable load of hay

Stacking Hay

Precarious load of hay :)

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girls and horses

What is it with Girls and Horses?

Females are involved with horses in much greater numbers than males. Studies suggest 90% of those participating in horse activities are female. Any ideas why?

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winnie early years

Winnie the Early Years Review of the New Series by Dandi Daley Mackall

The new series has good themes for younger readers, but I can't get past the foolish, dangerous things done with the horses. The dad is portrayed unfavorably. 

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buckskin bandit

Book Review Winnie the Horse Gentler Book 8: Buckskin Bandit

It wasn’t a totally satisfying conclusion. I was hoping for more of a "happily-ever-after" ending, but it is only a book after all, and the characters aren’t real.

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Friendly Foal

Book Review Winnie the Horse Gentler Book 7: Friendly Foal

Winnie’s difficulties working with the foal and Amigo in this book are puzzling since she was portrayed in the first book as able to tame a wild horse in a week.

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Gift Horse Winnie the Horse Gentler

Book Review Winnie the Horse Gentler Book 6: Gift Horse

Winnie rushes home expecting to find something wrong with her horse. She finds Nickers is fine, but discovers a sickly horse in the pasture.

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donkey friends

Furry Friends

It's always good to have a friend who sticks with you through everything. These two donkeys look like they are good buddies.

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