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Book 10 Love Your Neighbor Now Available!

2020 May 7
Sonrise Stable horse series book 10 Love Your Neighbor

The books have arrived!

Love Your Neighbor is the final Sonrise Stable book, and at 270 pages, is the longest in the series. In this exciting conclusion, Rosie does her best to obey the command Jesus called the second greatest. Love your neighbor as yourself.

When she faces a mysterious new adversary, Rosie discovers it's harder to keep that command than she'd imagined. And the reappearance of an old rival who is determined to beat Rosie in Sonrise Stable's Ride & Tie race makes things even more complicated.

The book includes discussion questions and a cartoon horse art lesson with equine artist Janet Griffin-Scott. You probably noticed I changed the color covers from the previous blog post about the book. I love the blue/red combination, but I'd already used that on the first book. I thought the black and brown fit with the Amish/plain theme and coordinated well with the horse and buggy.

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