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Book 10 Nearing Completion

2020 February 15
Sonrise Stable Horse Books volume 10

Believe it or not the tenth book is actually approaching completion!

I have to confess I procrastinated a bit on writing this one, for several reasons.

First, although there needed to be a conclusion to the series, I'm a little sad that Sonrise Stable is coming to an end. There are good things about that, though. It will allow me more time for promoting and marketing the books. I plan to create an activity book to go along with the entire series. At some point, I also hope to create a picture book series for the younger crowd based on stories from Sonrise Stable.

Secondly, I wanted the final book to be great, even the best of the series. That's pretty much a guarantee for writer's block right there. :)

I've had an overall theme for the book since writing book 9, which focused on the greatest commandment - to love God more than anything else. A natural followup to that was the second greatest commandment given by Jesus - to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

Deciding on the theme was easy. The storyline and details were the hard part! I prefer writing when I have the entire story floating around in my head and it's simply a matter of pouring it out onto paper or into a computer. I kept waiting for that to happen - but it never did. It finally dawned on me that God might be waiting for me to do my part and start writing! Once I started, the ideas began to flow.

Whether Love Your Neighbor is the best in the series will be for the readers to decide, but I'm enjoying this book!

And my third reason for procrastinating is just that I get SO many ideas! I've heard that creative types tend to be a bit ADD and flit from one project to another. That's definitely me. Since Sonrise Stable book 9, I wrote History on Horseback, developed a computer program for Scripture memorization, researched old horse books to reprint, and started several other projects (as yet unfinished).

But currently, my focus is laserlike on finishing book 10! I'm currently on the 4th round of revisions, and about to have the illustrator start working on the illustrations. The art lesson (cartoon horses) and cover are already complete. My projected date for the book to be in print is late April, early May 2020.

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