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Book Banning!

2020 December 8

I have a little-used Facebook page for my books. Whatever I put on my own website store is mirrored on that FB page - usually.

I'd kind of forgotten about that until yesterday when I received this rejection email from FB. I have no idea how the FB algorithm determined that the 4 horse books listed were promoting weapons, ammunition, and/or explosives.

The only thing I can figure is that my writing is so incredibly explosive! :)

I'm not overly worried since I don't rely on FB for my sales. And I'll refrain from getting political, but I do find it concerning that these social media sites believe they need to determine for us what is safe and/or true. I prefer to rely on my own intelligence and information gathering to do that!

Anyway, that banned set of horse books is one of several combo gift packs that I recently added to the site.


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