Writing a Horse Devotional

2022 November 6
following the narrow path horse devotional

What is a Christian horse devotional? Are there Christian and non-Christian horses?
Do horses "speak" to us, revealing secret insights from God?

I don't whisper to my horses, and they definitely don't whisper back to me. But, from as far back as I can remember, I've had a fascination with horses, bordering on an obsession (okay, maybe it is an obsession). Sad to say, but I loved horses long before I loved the God who created them and who allowed them to be part of my life.

As a shy, lonely girl, I felt a connection with horses that, although not totally satisfying, helped me get through some tough years. Looking back, that's hard to explain, considering the quality of horses I had. After I outgrew my pony, Dolly, I never had a well-trained horse until well into adulthood. 

Part of what was happening during those years, in addition to God keeping His unseen hand on me to prevent me from going too far astray, was a composting of thoughts and experiences (good and bad). My favorite writing quote is shown in the following image. I remember little else from that book, but that part describes what was happening in those painful years of my early life without God. Pain, emotions, experiences, ideas, and thoughts all tumbling around as if in a compost bin, producing the soil out of which would sprout the Sonrise Stable series and this devotional.

writing as composting

Horses were a comfort to me in those years, but it wasn't until becoming a Christian at the age of twenty-seven, that I began to see connections betwen my horse experiences and my relationship to God. 

It wasn't the horses speaking to me, but my intense study of God's word that opened my eyes to the parallels between the horse experiences and the truths of God's word. Since God created everything, this type of revelation is available to everyone, regardless of where your interests lie.

For what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from His workmanship, so that men are without excuse. Romans 1:19,20

Everything in our world points to God. The amazing complexity of His creation is something far too many people take for granted and never investigate.

If there is an advantage to coming to Christ at a relatively late age, it's that you've seen enough of the world to know it has nothing to offer. You recognize the clear divide between the kingdom of darkness and the goodness of God in HIs kingdom of light. Having left the dark kingdom behind, I want no part of it.

I feel a great responsibility to present God's truths and principles accurately. I believe that's the reason for the years God was composting the soil of my life. With age and study of the Bible comes wisdom. I can't write anything better or more appealing than what God has already given us. I simply hope these devotions encourage people to see God all around them and the book motivates them to study His word regularly and deeply—to find that narrow path and stick to it.

Following the Narrow Path is full of horse information and a variety of horses, some my own, some famous, others not-so-famous. But they all provide insights or reminders of God's truth. Check out the devotional by reading the first six chapters in the free pdf.


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