Fritz and the Beautiful Horses by Jan Brett

2018 December 14
Fritz and the Beautiful Horses book review

This beautifully illustrated horse picture book has a wonderful message for children as well - what you are on the outside is not nearly as important as what you are on the inside. Fritz, the shaggy, little pony, is just adorable, despite what the snobby townspeople in the story think. :)

When a bridge cracks and the town's beautiful horse are afraid to go down the steep banks to rescue the children who are left on the other side, who comes to the rescue? Fritz, of course! 

After that, Fritz is allowed into the city, and although it's not explicitly stated, my understanding is that the townspeople came to realize their focus on outward beauty needed some re-evaluating.

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses was written and illustrated by Jan Brett, in 1981. I believe it was her first published book. Our well-worn copy was read many times by my daughters when they were young - and the book still is one of my favorites! Kids shouldn't be the only ones that get to enjoy picture books.

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