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History on Horseback Volume 1

2019 September 8
history on horseback book

They're here! Finally.

Available on the History on Horseback website.

And on the Sonrise Stable store page

In addition to taking longer to write and research than I anticipated, I tried a new printer that is not as efficient at shipping books. For the preview copy and then the first order, it took over a month to receive books. But, I won't bore you with those details.

I believe History on Horseback is unique in its approach to history. I'm excited about the concept. Before I realized it was going to take multiple books to cover everything, I was randomly picking topics and researching horses I found most interesting. While that scattered approach slowed me down in completing book one, it means I already have some of the content written for the next two in the series. I'm not projecting any specific dates yet for those, but I think worst-case scenario would be fall of 2020 for the second book and book three in 2021.

I'm working on the study guide for the first book, then I will put on my fiction-writing cap and finish the revision of Sonrise Stable book 6. This winter, I plan to write the final book in that series - Love Your Neighbor.

I've created a brief video describing the first book. Feel free to use the contact page to email me with comments, questions, or suggestions!


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