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Horse Book Club for Kids

2018 November 18

Do your kids look forward to receiving things in the mail? If so, check out the Sonrise Stable Book Club. The book club provides a way to make a gift of the Sonrise Stable series last longer. You'll receive the books in four monthly shipments rather than all at once.

There are two options. The first includes nine books - all the books in the Sonrise Stable series. The second option includes the nine Sonrise Stable books, plus four additional books as listed below.

Shipment 1: Books 1 & 2 (Option 2 adds the I love Horses Activity Book)
Shipment 2: Books 3 & 4 (Option 2 adds the Big Book of Horses Coloring Book)
Shipment 3: Books 5, 6, 7 (Option 2 adds Cherry Hill's Horse Care for Kids)
Shipment 4: Books 8 & 9 (Option 2 adds the DK Ultimate Horse Sticker Book)

Sonrise Stable Book Club

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