Sammy - My New Project

2017 March 9

Several years ago, we lost the pony, Ebony, that my daughters grew up riding. I've looked off and on for another Ebony since then, without any success. It's hard to replace a great pony like that. As I get older, I've wanted to have a driving pony since I don't bounce as well as I used to.

One day while exploring ponies for sale on the internet, I came across a cute little mule colt. I had trained a donkey to pull a cart before, so I thought this mule might be a good option for a future driving project.

The photo shows him the day I brought him home in November 2016. He was four months old and just weaned from his mother. Sam-mule or Sammy for short.

He's a cute little guy, almost eight months old now.  He's proving to be more challenging than I had anticipated so I may end up needing some help with his training. Sammy and I have already had enough interesting experiences for him to have his own book! 

*Update: It is still very painful for me to even think about, but poor Sammy broke a leg and had to be put down in the spring of 2017. :(

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