Spring Cleaning 2020

2020 April 5

Yesterday I got a start on my spring cleaning - Toby style. He is so adorable and a well-behaved boy. Toby is 43", larger than a mini but still small.

spring cleaning the pony

He has a beautiful, thick, cream-colored mane that splits and falls on both sides of his neck. He has four white stockings and a bald face with one blue eye. His tail is so long, there's about 10" on the floor when he's standing still. 

toby tail

I usually trim his hooves myself, but have a farrier in once or twice a year to make sure I'm not getting him too far off track. He tends to hold on to his shaggy coat until late in the spring - just in case we get another cold snap here in Ohio - which is usually quite likely.

After his beauty treatment, I hooked him to the cart for the first drive of the year. He behaved like a perfect little gentleman. He was trained by the Amish and seemed to remember his lessons well, although he was gazing longingly at the green grass sprouting up in the yard.

Since it was our first drive this season, I didn't want to take my phone or camera along to distract me. In the future, I'll get some video while I'm driving. So much fun to ride in the pony cart! 

pony cart

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