Toby, the Amish Driving Pony

2017 July 8

My eight-year-old foster daughter and I attended the Mt. Hope Carriage and Driving Horse auction in Mt. Hope, Ohio. One evening was set aside for the sale of driving ponies. There were about two hundred in all, most trained by the Amish to ride and drive. The following day harness horses were sold. They have a variety of sales there throughout the year. It's a beautiful area, right in the middle of Amish country, and a fun experience even if you don't buy anything.

My foster daughter chipped in fourteen dollars she had earned weeding a friend's flower beds, and we came home with this adorable, 43" gelding. In the photo, he is greeting Scamper of the Sonrise Stable book series. "Scamper" (Kody in real life) doesn't look overly thrilled with his new little friend.

Toby has been with us about a month now. Yesterday we found a cart for him, and I hope to be driving him soon. I'll post more photos and a video then. He is a wonderfully calm and easy-going little guy. 

That's the good news. If you don't like bad news, don't read any farther. :(

My little mule, Sammule, broke his leg two months ago and had to be put down. I had planned to train him to drive. His death leaves a hole in my heart, as the passing of all dearly-loved animals does. It is still painful to think about.


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