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Book 9: With All You Are

Sometimes, real-life events make Scripture sink deeper into our hearts than any sermon or Sunday school class. Rosie couldn’t have imagined that bull riding, a kind Amish family, and a mystery involving five Saddlebred horses would help her come to truly understand the commandment Jesus called the greatest: “And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.”

Scriptural themes:

Mark 12:30 KJV

Art lesson: Learn to draw a rodeo bronc!


Wild Eyed And Wicked Saddlebred Case

Comparison of Quarter Horse head carriage vs American Saddlebred (pdf)

Amish Buggy Styles

These pages show photos of different types and colors for Amish buggies. The styles and regulations vary from one Amish community to the next. The second link shows a super-fancy buggy that wouldn't be typical for most Amish to have.


Related Horse Videos

Wild Eyed and Wicked Saddlebred Champion

This is video of Wild Eyed and Wicked, I believe in 2001. Beautiful horse. Such a tragedy. :(

Wild Eyed and Wicked With News Clips

Some of the video in this one is pretty grainy, but it shows quotes and news clips from the time of the poisonings.

American Saddlebred Harness Class

Saddlebred horses showing in a harness/driving class.


Skijoring - snowboarding behind a horse.

Mutton Busting

I'm not bothered by rodeo bull riding. The bulls have a tremendous advantage over the men who try to ride them, but this bothers me. Poor sheep! And I think some kid will be seriously hurt doing this at some point.

Saddle Bronc Riding

Brief video showing and explaining rodeo saddle bronc riding