What People Say About the Books

Few novels for readers of any age deliver an engaging story that moves forward without lumbering and packs quality education onto every page. Clothed With Thunder delivers on both counts.

Two central themes include evolution vs. creationism and finding a way to forgive past wrongs. Why lecture your kids on forgiveness, responsibility, family values, and how to react to negative peer pressure when you can share books like this with them? Read the story and let your children see how God’s plan is always perfect.

Many series disappoint readers as the number of books increase and the quality of storytelling and writing diminish. In this case the reverse is true. Books in this series only get better!
Lynn Baber, Amazing Grays Ministry
Carrie and Bandit is a wonderful childrens book. It’s the story of a young girl looking for love, a horse and her God. Each chapter includes family, friendships, problem solving and of course the ability to see God moving circumstances for the best of one of His children.

The role the grandmother plays in this book is nothing less than inspiring. Ms Watson made the unusual effort to include extended family members as characters in her book and I believe it has worked well for her.
Shirley Scurlock
Unique among juvenile equine literature, Rosie and Scamper and Carrie and Bandit are written about a homeschooling Christian family’s adventures. Readers will not only learn about horses, horsemanship and training techniques—they’ll also learn about the Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ.

Well written, both books in the Sonrise Stable series include a clear Christian message. Real-life girl characters are responsible, mannerly and helpful to others. Loving parents, aunts, uncles and a widowed grandmother are all essential characters. You’ll not find the typical “girlfriend—boyfriend” relationships, rebellious attitudes or sibling rivalry in these books. Sisters and cousins are best friends!
Rebekah Holt, eQuest For Truth
A brand-new and squeaky-clean series for young horse-lovers, Sonrise Stable stars the enjoyable and relatable characters of vivacious, horse-crazy Rosie, her quiet, orphaned friend Carrie and Rosie's knowledgeable, practical grandmother. Together with a common faith and passion for all things horse binding them together, they share multiple realistic adventures in and around Sonrise Stable with their beloved horses, namely Kezzie and Scamper.
Jessica Young, Learn About Horses
Watson does a good job of tying in spiritual truths with the things the girls learn about horses. I also liked that Rosie is a Christian and Carrie is not. Rosie uses opportunities to show God’s love to Carrie and to share her faith, giving readers a chance to see how it can be done in a natural way.
Linda McQuinn Carlblom, Christian Children's Authors
Warm. Authentic. Wholesome. Christian. And, very horsey!

What more could you ask from a book about young ladies and their ponies for young people who love their horses or who want to vicariously experience a right relationship with both horses, friends, and family.

Rosie and Scamper, by Vicki Watson, is a delightful read and one I can recommend to parents, teachers, and grandparents who are looking for something entertaining, suitable, and beneficial for their kids.
Lynn Baber, Amazing Grays Ministry
Although Rosie and Scamper is a children's book, it is a wonderful story for all ages of horse lovers. I especially enjoyed the family values and Scripture passages and examples included in the story - it was such a delight to find the Gospel clearly presented during the course of the story. I found this book to be wholesome and fun, interesting and educational - children will learn about horses and how to be safe while spending time around them.
Livin & Lovin in Iowa, on Amazon.com
I love the way the Christian elements were included in this book. It seemed to be done very gently, and in a way kids can understand. I also really liked the sweet friendships in this book. Friendships between the two girls, and friendships between the girls and the horses.
Morgan, on Amazon.com
When this book came in the mail, my girls grabbed it and insisted they both got to read it before I could. As MiniMe finished the last page, and closed the book, her first words were "we HAVE to get book 3!!!" Sassy agreed. When I finally got to read it, I could see why they had enjoyed this book so much, and I'm thrilled that they are so thoroughly enjoying a series of books about other Christian, homeschooled children. This book wove subtle, but powerful lessons about honesty and learning to build relationships with others, into the story without sounding the least bit "preachy". While the children in the story are homeschooled, I think this book would appeal to any Christian family, not just other homeschoolers. The story centers around the girls' adventures with their horses and interactions with their family and friends.
Homeschooling Mom, on Amazon.com