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Top 10 Horse Movies

The following list contains the top 10 grossing horse movies according to Box Office Mojo. Seabiscuit $120,277,854 War Horse $79,884,879 The  

big spender horse movie

Big Spender

I consider Big Spender a sleeper in the world of horse movies. Few people have ever heard of it. There's already another horse movie called  

every second counts horse movie

Every Second Counts

Have you ever heard of team penning? Ever seen a movie about it? That's the horse event Every Second Counts centers around. Joe Preston, a promising  

derby stallion horse movie

Derby Stallion, The

Fifteen-year-old Patrick (Zac Efron) hates playing baseball, but feels forced to by his father who used to be a successful baseball player. He spends  

Dreamer horse movie


Trainer, Ben Crane (Kurt Russel), influenced by his daughter, Cale (Dakota Fanning), buys a filly after she breaks a leg during a race. Ben loses his  

Danny horse movie


Twelve-year-old Janie Neely works at Longvue Stables and adores Pat, the riding instructor. She sometimes clashes with her mother and resents Mike,  

by dawns early light movie

By Dawns Early Light

While his parents take a six-week cruise, Mike, a spoiled and selfish teen, is sent to a Colorado ranch to stay with the grandfather he hasn't  

black beauty miniseries

Black Beauty Miniseries

If you can get past the fact that this adaptation of Black Beauty is set in the U.S., Maryland in 1880, this is probably the version closest to the  

black beauty animated movie

Black Beauty Animated Version

On the positive side, much of Beauty's monolog and his conversation with other horses are taken straight from Sewell's text. Several scenes that  

black beauty movie

Black Beauty

Obviously events need to be condensed when creating a movie version of a book. Scenes are cut and details left out. Generally, this makes the movie  

8 Seconds

This movie is based on the life of Lane Frost, a world champion bull rider who was killed by a bull at the age of twenty-five. Lane's parents said